About Me

Özgün Papan Kaşık

My passion in kitchen started when I was a kid. First, I fell for eating, then it turned out to be a passion for cooking.

I started to learn the basics when I was 12 with the assistance of my beloved mom who fails to keep me out of her kitchen. I had cooked main dishes, cold dishes, desserts, Turkish cousin, and traditional Karachay cousin since I was in my late teens when I realized that those wouldn’t be enough for me, and then I begin to try World cousins. I started with preparing some little trials of distinctive dishes, and ate them, and made the people around me eat. My family, as the poor experimental subjects of my trials, have been really happy with me being in kitchen most of the time, but sometimes I have become the focal point of antipathy of awful dinners.

During all this time, the sole thing that I cannot help myself is to avoid staying with the recipe. Saying: “I think some capers would taste well in this classical pastry”, “should I add some walnuts in this meatballs?”, or “some pepper would make this dessert even cooler”, I have risked all the praises I could get, and probably come face to face with an unidentified object flying towards me -thrown by one of my unfortunate tasters 🙂

With the encouragement of my beloved husband, Samet, who has recently become my most favorite subject by devouring everything I put in his plate, I decided to share my interesting kitchen experiments in this blog. Or with Samet’s words, I will share my recipes here so the doctors could easily identify the reason for the food poisoning 🙂

Though you may probably find them wasted, I think of my experiments as a piece of art and a source of enjoyment.

Welcome to “ The Lab in Kitchen ” where I conduct my taste-based experiments!

NOTE: Please do not try these recipes at home! I will share the “tryability index” at the end of each recipe after my own quality control process 🙂


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